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Von Trapp carries on musical tradition

Copyright 2005 Corey Hendrickson/Corey Hendrickson When your last name is von Trapp, you get the question every single day. "The von Trapps?" When you’re Elisabeth von Trapp, the answer is "yes" and is always followed by a long inquisition about life as a member of the family from "The Sound of Music," one of the

5 Quick Ways To Liven Up Your Twitter Stream

With a billion tweets per week, Twitter has become a place for people and organizations of all types to share their thoughts, reading lists and whereabouts. Real estate pros, politicians, non-profits, journalists and small businesses are all using the social platform to connect with their communities and meet organizational goals. Whether you’re a Twitter novice

Singer stays true to her family’s legacy of music

Elisabeth von Trapp and Paul Asbell Music is one of Elisabeth von Trapp’s favorite things. It has always kept her family together. She is the daughter of the late Werner von Trapp, forever endeared to the world as "Kurt," the second oldest son of Georg Ludwig "Baron" von Trapp, patriarch of the family mythologized in

Cheesemakers & Brewers Make Some Crafty Collaborations

The popularity of pairing craft beer and artisanal cheese is exploding these days, and it was only a matter of time before their respective producers began to become even more intimately involved. Brewers and cheesemakers are developing a more symbiotic relationship; born of mutual admiration for a quality fermented product, that also just so happens

The April conundrum

There’s snow in the forecast for northern New England and the Adirondacks today. No April Fools (except, perhaps, for the people who started wishing for spring back in January.) Spring in New England is like a bad movie with a great trailer. Starting sometime in March, you get glimpses of something that looks like it